Reserve an item in the collection

Place a hold/reserve an item in the collection
  • search the library catalogue NEWCAT to locate item to be held
  • Click title link (you'll be shown a more detailed record for the item)
  • Click Request button
  • Log in using your student or library card number and PIN
  • Use drop down menu to select 'HNE Health Libraries' as your pick up location (only HNE Health Libraries items can be held for pick up at HNE Health Libraries)
  • Check the box next to the item you want to reserve
  • Click Request selected item button

Confirmation that your request has been sent to the library will display on screen.


You'll be notified by email when holds are ready to be collected.

Collecting your holds/requests
Items can be collected from any HNE Health Library.

Checking your holds/requests

  • Go to My Library in NEWCAT
  • Type in your Student or Library Card number and PIN to view your account
  • Click on the button showing holds/requests
  • Holds and their status will be displayed

Cancelling your holds/requests

  • Go to MyLibrary in NEWCAT, the library catalogue
  • Type in your student or library card number and PIN to view your account
  • Select the hold you wish to cancel, then click Cancel Selected Items, OR click Cancel All if you wish to cancel all of your holds
  • Click Start Over to return to NEWCAT