About HNE Health libraries

HNE Health Libraries form a unit of Hunter New England Health, specialising in the provision of medical and health science information to the staff of Hunter New England Health, the students and staff of the University of Newcastle, and students on clinical placement.

HNE Health Libraries' vision is for one District wide network of health library services providing the best available evidence to inform clinical and corporate decisions; research and education and training so that all health care providers in the HNE Health system have equal access to the best information for patient care.

HNE Health Libraries are committed to the District wide delivery of a client-focused, cost-effective, and innovative library information service to improve patient care, teaching, research and professional development across HNE Health.

HNE Health Libraries staff is committed to:
  • Equity of access to knowledge and information services for all HNE Health staff wherever they are located 
  • Services, content and professional expertise that are client focused and accessible where, when and in formats that are convenient to users 
  • Information content that is timely, accurate, relevant and quality assured 

HNE Health Libraries aim to:

  • Support HNE Health's priorities for patient care and safety.
  • Improve staff access to quality information for decision making, evidence based clinical practice, policy making, research and continuing education.
  • Improve the coordination and quality of library services to facilitate consistent services, strategic direction and policy.
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of HNE Library Service.
  • Take advantage of technological developments (IT infrastructure, online and digital information content, web services) and shared services (eg. consortia purchasing). 
  • Contribute to HNE Health's knowledge management strategy.

Target audience
Access to HNE Health Libraries is available to all HNELHD employees including:

  • Medical/clinical professionals
  • Nurses and midwives
  • Allied health professionals
  • Community health professionals 
  • Mental health professionals 
  • Non-clinical managers/professional staff 
  • Administrative staff 
  • Ambulance staff 
  • Academics 
  • Students on clinical placement 
  • Researchers
  • Other specialist groups

Service delivery model
The features of the service delivery model include the continuation of information hubs of specialist expertise in priority locations and comprise:

  • Distributed District wide collection of print and electronic resources.
  • Web portal to library services, catalogues, databases and networks within HNE Health and beyond. The portal is to be accessible to all HNE Health staff onsite and remotely.
  • Local frontline service points and professional expertise.
  • Specialisation that meets local and supports Districy wide needs.
  • District wide service level agreements for resource purchasing of electronic resources.
  • Professional expertise empowered to deliver services, support training, manage content and be innovative.
  • Agreed level of resourcing to ensure access and equity. 
  • Development of strategic directions.

HNE Health Libraries' service delivery model directly supports the:

  • Six strategies in Caring Together: the Action Plan for Health, NSW Health's strategic implementation response to the Garling Inquiry
  • Seven strategic directions of A New Direction for NSW Health, Strategic Health Plan, Towards 2010
  • Four goals of NSW Health and HNE Health
  • Four pillars outlined by the Garling enquiry