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HNE Health Libraries is pleased to present the May edition of our newsletter – click here to start browsing…

HNE Health Libraries is pleased to present the latest edition of the newsletter.

In the May edition, HNE Health Libraries:
  • Deliver the results from the Library Lover’s survey
  • How Digital Rights Management impacts viewing and downloading Australian Standards
  • Our latest virtual training sessions on Searching the literature and EndNote web
  • Staff spotlight
  • eResource showcase – the Psychotropic Drug Directory
  • 06.03.24

    HNE staff can now borrow a laptop for use in the HILL at JHH. Click to find out more...

    We are pleased to announce that library members can now borrow laptops for use within the HILL at JHH. As frequent visitors are aware, while there is ample desk space in The HILL, access to a PC is limited. We hope this initiative will encourage more HNELHD staff to utilise the HILL (formerly the Library space in L block) and take advantage of these valuable new resources.

    The laptops are accessible to all HNELHD staff library members while in The HILL and operate on the HNELHD network. Additionally, users have the option to connect to either HNELHD or UoN Wi-Fi. Each laptop can be borrowed for up to 4 hours and may be renewed once, provided no one else is waiting. All laptops must be returned by 4.30 pm. If all 10 laptops are on loan, you have the option to place a reservation, and we will notify you once a laptop becomes available

    Library members are welcome to visit the Library office in the HILL during opening hours (8.30am-5pm) and borrow a laptop if one is available

    Not yet a library member? Join now…

    If you would like to ensure a laptop is available for you when you visit the HILL – you can request a laptop

    View the laptop loan policy...
    Updated 28.02.24

    2024 recorded education sessions are now available

    The problems we were having uploading files to the HNE Health Libraries server have now been solved. As a result, you should now be able to view all recent recorded education sessions via the HNE Health Libraries website. If you have any problems with access please contact us

    Did you know that HNE Health Libraries subscribe to Micromedex Neofax Reference? You can access both onsite via a work PC and offsite via a mobile app

    You can access Micromedex Neofax Reference from a work PC by going to the ‘Resources’ – Online Resources page on the Library website. Then scroll down to ‘NeoFax and Pediatrics’

    The NeoFax App contains evidence-based, fully referenced neonatal-specific drug information to efficiently and safely manage drug therapy for neonatal patients.

    If you want to access Micromedex Neofax Reference off-site, you can download the mobile app

    Search ‘Micromedex NeoFax’ in either the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices) on your mobile device and select ‘Download / Install’. You may be prompted to enter your Apple or Google ID.

    Once the app has downloaded to your device – open it and follow the prompts

    You will need to enter a password. If you have any questions or would like the password – please contact us...

    The password will need to be re-entered once per year to ensure our subscription is current

    Great news – the Psychotropic Drug Directory trial has been extended until 29th February 2024. This is your last chance to take it for a test drive...

    Test drive the Psychotropic Drug Directory… This requires Library membership – log in with your Library membership # and password

    Need to join the library? Its free to all HNE Health staff – and only takes a couple of minutes
    If you've forgotten your password - you can reset it or contact the Library for assistance

    Watchthe user guide and learn how the Psychotropic Drug Directory helps multidisciplinary teams confidently and quickly manage clinical scenarios, with over 12,000 key references, 150+ psychotropic drugs and links to complementary products on MedicinesComplete (for example, the Library currently subscribes to Stockley's Drug Interactions via MC)

    Let us know what you think – you can contact the Library service – or the Director of Pharmacy (HNEMH), Cecilia Bjorksten
    Updated 17.01.24

    Neofax and TripPro are now working – Find out more…

    Due to the implementation by eHealth of extra security features – several subscribed resources were not working as they should. What are the problems?

    Australian Standards - update
    While users can view Standards – not all can be downloaded. Some downloads, accessible via Techstreet, are being blocked. We continue to work with eHealth to implement a security exception

    Neofax and Pediatrics - update
    Our subscription, accessible via Micromedex, is now being recognised for onsite access and is no longer asking you to login. If you have problems with access please let us know

    TripPro - update
    Our subscription is now being recognised as active for both on and off-site users – you will be asked to authenticate – use your HNEH Libraries membership # and password

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the disruption to our resources and continue to work on solutions. We’ll keep you updated on our progress

    We hope the festive period brought you happiness and a well-deserved break. May the post-holiday period be a time of renewed focus and productivity. HNE Health Libraries looks forward to another year of shared achievements…

    HNE Health Libraries brings you the January newsletter

    In this edition:
  • Important email update
  • Flexible working arrangement - how HNE Health Libraries can support you at each of our locations
  • eResource updates: including CIAP, UpToDate and technical issues
  • Access FREE trial: The Psychotropic Drug Directory
  • John Hunter Children's Hospital donation
  • Staff Spotlight
  • HNE Research

  • Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on how we can make your library experience even more enriching. At the conclusion of the newsletter, there is a QR code to scan.