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The HNELHD Health Research and Translation Centre & The University of Newcastle Research Advantage Program

Health Professionals Research Education Program - 2020
Session #02 –Complex Service Innovations - Integrated Care

11 June 2020

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90 minutes

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Presented by:
Proessor Nicholas Goodwin
Central Coast Research Institute>
Director of Research
Central Coast Local Health District
Dr Joanne Epp
Senior Research Fellow
Macquarie Business School
Macquarie University
Centre for Health Economy (MUCHE)

Goodwin N. Improving Integrated Care: Can Implementation Science Unlock the 'Black Box' of Complexities? Int J Integr Care. 2019;19(3):12. Published 2019 Jul 25. doi:10.5334/ijic.4724
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Goodwin N. Understanding and Evaluating the Implementation of Integrated Care: A 'Three Pipe' Problem. Int J Integr Care. 2016;16(4):19. Published 2016 Dec 31. doi:10.5334/ijic.2609
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Suter E, Oelke ND, da Silva Lima MAD, et al. Indicators and Measurement Tools for Health Systems Integration: A Knowledge Synthesis. Int J Integr Care. 2017;17(6):4. Published 2017 Nov 13. doi:10.5334/ijic.3931
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Valentijn PP, Vrijhoef HJ, Ruwaard D, Boesveld I, Arends RY, Bruijnzeels MA. Towards an international taxonomy of integrated primary care: a Delphi consensus approach. BMC Fam Pract. 2015;16:64. Published 2015 May 22. doi:10.1186/s12875-015-0278-x.
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Read DMY, Dalton H, Booth A, Goodwin N, Hendry A, Perkins D. Using the Project INTEGRATE Framework in Practice in Central Coast, Australia. Int J Integr Care. 2019;19(2):10. Published 2019 Jun 21. doi:10.5334/ijic.4624.
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Tsiachristas A. Financial Incentives to Stimulate Integration of Care. Int J Integr Care. 2016;16(4):8. Published 2016 Oct 28. doi:10.5334/ijic.2532.
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Tsiachristas A, Stein KV, Evers S, Rutten-van Mölken M. Performing Economic Evaluation of Integrated Care: Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven? Int J Integr Care. 2016;16(4):3. Published 2016 Oct 19. doi:10.5334/ijic.2472..
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Moore GF, Audrey S, Barker M, et al. Process evaluation of complex interventions: Medical Research Council guidance. BMJ. 2015;350:h1258. Published 2015 Mar 19. doi:10.1136/bmj.h1258.
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Centre for The Health Economy. Outcomes Based Commissioning for vulnerable older people: Prepared for Central Coast Local Health District. Macquarie University; 2019 November 2019.


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