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Thursdays, 12.00 noon - 1.30 pm. Royal Newcastle Centre

12.00 noon - 12.30 pm, RNC Boardroom (3125)

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm, RNC Lecture Theatre or join us online via Zoom

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Most popular recordings
2 Nov Voluntary Assisted Dying. A legal choice at the end of life: What do we need to know to support each other and our community? Jeanette Lacey mp4 mp4
23 Mar Voluntary assisted dying: Legislation, obligations and patient centred care. Jeanette Lacey mp4 mp4
30 Mar Coagulation consultation corner. Dr Alana Gedrose mp4 mp4
20 Jul Polytrauma: Acute acquired mitochondrial disease. Professor Zsolt Balogh mp4 mp4
3 Mar A practical approach to troublesome bloating. Dr Magnus Halland mp4 mp4

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CNS vasculitis and anchoring bias
Sweet syndrome: Not so sweet
The digital sweet spot: Diabetes in 2023
Voluntary Assisted Dying. A legal choice at the end of life
Diagnostic intelligence: Towards a value-based microbiology service
Perioperative physiotherapy
Are we kicking goals? JHH Palliative Care Service
Sweet & sour: A tale of two kidney cancers
'Managing the Unmanageable - it Takes a Village'. A Challenging Case of BPSD
'Benign' pleural effusions
Fear factor: TMA/AHUS
District antimicrobial stewardship
Genetics in clinical practice
The bite of a wolf: Lupus
Organ donation
SR Why?
Scope of artificial intelligence
Polytrauma: Acute acquired mitochondrial disease
Acute flaccid paralysis + Polio vaccine & irradication
Clinical innovation
'The man from Barwon river'... A rural health adventure
Dr can I still drive?
Horses not zebras: Amyloidosis
Chronic widespread pain
Primary aldosteronism and adrenal vein sampling: In vain or in vein?
Prehospital stroke care
Perioperative medicine in Australia
Will it be a winter of discontent? + Flavivirus encephalitis in NSW + Syphilis: Not just ancient history
Preparing for battle: Consultation Liaison Psychiatry at JHH
The SCAI is the limit
Physical activity: The missing intervention?
Coagulation consultation corner
Voluntary assisted dying
A tale of two seizures
A practical approach to troublesome bloating
Getting to the source of the problem & A diphtheroid shower
You make my heart flutter: Electrophysiology demystified
Parrots, painful joints and points of no return - Are you a lumper or a splitter?