New resources

150 ECG Cases. Fifth edition
John Hampton, David Adlam, Joanna Hampton   2019
616.1207547 HAMP-2 2019 JH        1 week loan

1,000 Practice MTF MCQs for the primary and final FRCA
Hozefa Ebrahim [and six others] (editors) 2019
617.96 EBRA 2019 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Adolescent and Adult Sexual Assault Assessment. Second edition
Diana K. Faugno, Trinity Ingram-Jones, Stacey A Mitchell, Patricia M. Speck 2018
616.075 FAUG 2018 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Adult Palliative Care for Nursing, Health and Social Care
John Costello (editor) 2019
616.029 COST 2019 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Cardiology: an integrated approach
Adel Elmoselhi (editor)   2018
616.2 ELMO TAREE-MANNING     4 week loan

Case formulation for personality disorders : tailoring psychotherapy to the individual client
Ueli Kramer (editor) 2019
616.8581 CASE 2019 MATER    4 week loan

Clinician's Guide to Illicit Drugs and Health
Shane Darke, Julia Lappin, Michael Farrell 2019
362.29 DARK 2019 MATER     4 week loan

Critical Cases in Electrocardiography: an annotated atlas of don't miss ECGs for emergency and critical care
Steven R. Lowenstein 2018
616.1207547 LOWE 2018 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Degenerative Disorders of the Brain
Darren R. Hocking, John L. Bradshaw and Joanne Fielding (editors) 2019
616.8 HOCK 2019 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Dementia: person-centered assessment and intervention. Second edition
Ellen M. Hickey and Michelle S. Bourgeois (editors) 2018
616.83 DEME 2018 MATER    4 week loan

Dementia Manifesto: putting values-based practice to work
Julian C. Hughes, Toby Williamson 2019
616.831 HUGH 2019 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

ECG Made Easy. Ninth edition
John R. Hampton, Joanna Hampton   2019
616.1207547 HAMP 2019 JH    1 week loan    (2 copies)

ECG Made Practical. Seventh edition
John Hampton, David Adlam   2019
616.1207547 HAMP JH / TAMWORTH      1 week loan   (2 copies)

Ethics, Law and Health Care: a guide for nurses and midwives. Second edition
Fiona McDonald, Shih-Ning Then 2019
340.112 MCDO 2019 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives
Cheryl Bland Jones, Christine T. Kovner, Steven A. Finkler, Jason N. Mose 2019
362.173068 JONE 2019 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Fundamentals of Nursing and Midwifery Research: a practical guide for evidence-based practice
Lisa McKenna, Beverley Copnell  2019
610.73072 MCKE 2019 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Gerontology for the Health Care Professional. Fourth edition
Regula H. Robnett, Nancy Brossoie, Walter C. Chop (editors)   2020
618.97 ROBN 2020 JH       4 week loan

Handbook of Infant Mental Health. Fourth edition
Charles H. Zeanah, Jr (editor) 2019
618.928914 ZEAN 2019 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Health Care and Indigenous Australians: cultural safety in practice. Third edition
Kerry Taylor, Pauline Thompson Guerin   2019
362.849915 TAYL 2019 JH    4 week loan

Humanising Mental Health Care in Australia: a guide to trauma-informed approaches
Richard Benjamin, Joan Haliburn and Serena King (editors) 2019
616.8521 HUMA MATER / TAREE-MANNING       4 week loan

Macleod's Clinical Examination. Fourteenth edition
J. Alastair Innes, Anna R. Dover, Karen Fairhurst (editors) 2018
616.0754 MACL 2018 JH / TAMWORTH     4 week loan

Managing Obesity: a practical guide for clinicians
Saffron Whitehead and Gul Bano  2019
616.39806 WHIT 2019 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Mastering Concept-based Teaching: a guide for nurse educators. Second edition
Jean Foret Giddens, Linda Caputi, Beth L. Rodgers    2020
610.730973 GIDD 2020 JH      4 week loan

Medications & Mothers' Milk 2019. Eighteenth edition
Thomas W. Hale   2019
615.704 HALE 2019 TAREE-MANNING      4 week loan

Netter's Obstetrics & Gynecology. Third edition
Roger P. Smith   2018
618.1 NETT 2018 JH   4 week loan

Neurological Examination Made Easy. Sixth edition
Geraint Fuller   2019
616.8076 FULL 2019 JH     4 week loan

Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult: priorities in assessment and management. Second edition
David Clarke & Alison Ketchell (editors)    2016
616.028 CLAR 2016 JH     4 week loan

Pain Management Secrets. Fourth edition
Charles E. Argoff, Andrew Dubin, Julie Pilitsis (editors) 2018
616.0472 ARGO 2018 JH / TAMWORTH     4 week loan

Palliative care within Mental Health: Ethical Practice
David B. Cooper and Jo Cooper (editors) 2019
362.175 COOP 2019 MATER     4 week loan

Pathophysiology of Disease: an introduction to clinical medicine. Eighth edition
Gary D. Hammer, Stephen J. McPhee 2019
616.07 HAMM 2019 TAMWORTH + CIAP   4 week loan

Pocket Guide to POCUS : point-of-care tips for point-of-care ultrasound
Cameron M. Baston 2019
616.07543 BAST 2019 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Rapid Access Guide for Triage and Emergency Nurses: chief complaints with high risk presentations
Lynn Sayre Visser,  Anna Sivo Montejano 2018
616.025 VISS 2018 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Renal Disease in Pregnancy. Second edition
Kate Bramham, Matt Hall, Catherine Nelson-Piercy (editors)   2018
618.3 BRAM 2018 JH       4 week loan

Seidel's Guide to Physical Examination: an interprofessional approach. Ninth edition
Jane W. Ball, Joyce E. Dains, John A. Flynn, Barry S. Solomon, Rosalyn W. Stewart 2019
616.0754 BALL 2019 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Smith & Aitkenhead's Textbook of Anaesthesia
Jonathan Thompson, Iain Moppett, Matthew Wiles (editors)   2019
617.96 SMIT 2019 JH       1 week loan

Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia. Fifteenth edition
Australian College of Operating Room Nurses   2018
617.0231 ACOR 2018 JH / TAMWORTH / TAREE-MANNING       2 day loan

Step-up to Medicine. Fifth edition
Steven Agabegi, Elizabeth Agabegi   2020
616.0076 AGAB 2020 JH / TAMWORTH       2 day loan

Storytelling: the presenter's secret weapon
John Clare   2018
808.51 CLAR MAITLAND      4 week loan

Surgical Recall. Eighth edition
Lorne H. Blackbourne (editor) 2018
617.0076 BLAC 2018 JH / TAMWORTH     2 day loan

Target Volume Delineation and Treatment Planning for Particle Therapy: a practical guide
Nancy Y. Lee et al (editors)     2018
616.9940642 LEE TAREE-MANNING     4 week loan

Textbook of Dementia Care: an integrated approach
Graham A. Jackson and Debbie Tolson (editors) 2019
616.831 JACK 2019 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Textbook of Medical Administration and Leadership
Erwin Loh, Paul W. Long, Peter Spurgeon (editors)   2019
362.1068 LOH JH      4 week loan

Thoracic Imaging: the requisites  Third edition
Anne O. Shepard (editor)   2019
617.5407572 SHEP 2019 JH       4 week loan

Transdiagnostic Approach to Obsessions, Compulsions, and Related Phenomena
Leonardo F. Fontenelle, Murat Yücel (editors) 2019
616.85227 FONT 2019 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Ultimate Cover Letters: master the art of writing the perfect cover letter to boost your employability.
Martin John Yate 2018   Fifth edition
650.142 YATE 2018 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Ultimate CV : master the art of creating a winning CV with over 100 samples to help you get the job.
Martin John Yate 2018   Fifth edition
650.142 YATE 2018 TAMWORTH      4 week loan

Ultimate Job Hunting Book: write a killer CV, discover hidden jobs, succeed at interview
David McWhir, Hilton Catt, Patricia Scudamore, Mo Shapiro and Alison Straw 2018
650.14 MCWH 2018 TAMWORTH     4 week loan

Understanding Research Methods for Evidence-based Practice in Health
Trisha M. Greenhalgh ... (et. al) 2017
616 GREE 2017 TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Young Onset Dementia: a guide to recognition, diagnosis, and supporting individuals with dementia and their families
Hilda Hayo, Alison Ward, and Jacqueline Parkes 2018
616.831 HAYO 2018 TAMWORTH     4 week loan


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