New resources

Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Nutrition Support
Mary Hickson   2018
362.19639 HICK TAREE-MANNING        4 week loan

Aicardi's Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood. Fourth edition
Alexis Arzimanoglou, Anne O’Hare, et al 2018
618.928 AICA 2018 JH                  4 week loan

Atlas of Common Pain Syndromes. Fourth edition
Steven D. Waldman 2019
616.0472 WALD 2019 JH / TAMWORTH        4 week loan

Breastfeeding and Human Lactation. Sixth edition
Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer 2021
649.33 WAMB 2021 JH / MAITLAND / TAREE-MANNING        4 week loan

Care of the Older Adult in the Emergency Department
Michael L Malone, Kevin Biese 2018
618.97 MALO JH             4 week loan

Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics: for MRCPCH candidates and other practitioners
Mark Dalzell, Ian Sinha (editors) 2020
618.920075 DALZ 2020 TAMWORTH        4 week loan

Clinical Psychiatry: a handbook for medical students, residents, and clinicians
Charles deBattista and Ira D. Glick 2020
616.890076 DEBA 2020 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and Reasoning
Ben Lovell, Mark Lander, Nick Murch 2020
616.0754 LOVE 2020 TAMWORTH        4 week loan

Communication: core interpersonal skills for healthcare practitioners. Fourth edition
Gjyn O'Toole 2020
610.696 OTOO 2020 TAMWORTH      4 week loan

Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Pediatrics. Twenty-fifth edition
William W. Hay, Myron J. Levin, Mark J. Abzug, Maya Bunik 2020
618.92 HAY 2020 JH       2 day loan

DeGowin's Diagnostic Examination. Eleventh edition
Manish Suneja, Joseph F. Szot, Richard F. LeBlond, Donald D. Brown 2020
616.0754 DEGO 2020 TAMWORTH           4 week loan

Dutton's Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention. Fifth edition
Mark Dutton 2020
617.9076 DUTT 2020 TAREE-MANNING      4 week loan

Emory's Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Spine Surgery
John M. Rhee (editor) 2020
617.471 EMOR JH        4 week loan

End of Epidemics: the looming threat to humanity and how to stop it
Jonathan D. Quick; with Bronwyn Fryer 2018
614.4 QUIC 2018 ARMIDALE       4 week loan

Endocrine and Metabolic Medical Emergencies: A clinician's guide
Glenn Matfin 2018
616.4 MATF 2018 ARMIDALE        4 week loan

Endocrine Secrets. Seventh edition
Michael T. McDermott (editor) 2020
616.40076 MCDE 2020 JH / TAMWORTH      4 week loan

Essential Clinical Procedures. Fourth edition
Richard Dehn and David Asprey (editors) 2021
616.0754 DEHN 2021 TAMWORTH       4 week loan

Evidence-based Diagnosis: an introduction to clinical epidemiology. Second edition
Thomas B. Newman, Michael A. Kohn 2020
614.4 NEWM 2020 JH    4 week loan

Feigenbaum's Echocardiography. Eighth edition
William F. Armstrong, Thomas Ryan 2019
616.1207543 FEIG 2019 JH        4 week loan

Field's Virology: emerging viruses. Seventh edition
Peter M Howley, David M Knipe, Sean Whelan
616.9101 FIEL 2021 JH (vol. 1)         4 week loan

FRCR Physics MCQs in Clinical Radiology
Ibrahim Lutfi Shuaib, Hafiz M. Zin, et al 2019
616.0757 LUTF TAREE-MANNING         4 week loan

Grant's Anatomy Coloring Book.
Nicole R. Herring 2019
612.00222 GRAN 2019 JH       4 week loan

Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs. Sixth edition
American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation 2021
616.1203 AMER 2021 JH          4 week loan

Handbook of Fractures. Sixth edition
Kenneth A. Egol, Kenneth J. Koval, Joseph D. Zuckerman 2020
616.15 EGOL 2020 TAMWORTH           4 week loan

Handbook of Gastrointestinal Cancers: evidence-based treatment & multidisciplinary patient care.
Tanios Bekaii-Saab, Bassel F El-Rayes et al   2020
616.99433 BEKA 2020 TAMWORTH / TAREE-MANNING       4 week loan

Handbook of Geriatric Assessment. Fifth edition
Terry Fulmer, Brude Chernoff   2018
618.97075 FULM 2019 JH                  4 week loan

Handbook of Medicine in Psychiatry. Third edition
Peter Manu, Corey Karlin-Zysman, Eugene Grudnikoff (editors) 2020
616.89 MANU 2020 TAMWORTH        4 week loan

Harriet Lane Handbook: a manual for pediatric house officers. Twenty-second edition
Keith Kleinman, Lauren McDaniel, Matthew Molloy (editors) 2021
618.92 HARR 2021 TAMWORTH           4 week loan

Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: Theory, research and practice. Sixth edition
John Macleod 2019
616.8914 MCLE 2019 JH / TAREE- MANNING         4 week loan

Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professionals. Fifth edition
J. Glenn Forister, J. Dennis Blessing (editors) 2020
610.737069 FORI 2020 TAMWORTH      4 week loan

Job Readiness for Health Professionals: soft skills strategies for success. Third edition
Jaime Nguyen 2021
610.69 NGUY 2021 TAMWORTH         4 week loan

Johns Hopkins High-yield Review for Orthopaedic Surgery
Bashir Zikria, A Jay Khanna, Dawn M LaPorte (editors) 2020
617.47 ZIKR TAREE-MANNING          4 week loan

John Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Sixth edition
Betty Chou, Jessica L. Bienstock, Andrew J. Statin (editors) 2020
618 JOHN 2021 TAMWORTH      4 week loan

Lewin's Genes XII. Twelfth edition
Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliot S Goldstein, Stephen T Kilpatrick   2018
576.5 LEWI 2018 JH           4 week loan

Little GI Book: an easily digestible guide to understanding gastroenterology. Second edition
Douglas G. Adler 2020
616.33 ADLE 2020 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Manual of Obstetrics. Ninth edition
Arthur T. Evans, Emily DeFranco (editors) 2021
618.2 EVAN 2021 TAMWORTH            4 week loan

Mastering Medical Exams: a systems-based approach
Paul McNamara 2020
610.76 MCNA 2020 TAMWORTH          4 week loan

Minimally Invasive (endoscopic & robotic) Breast Surgery
Hung-Wen Lai, Chi Wei Mok 2020
618.19059 LAI 2020 TAMWORTH      4 week loan

Minor Illness Manual. Fifth edition
Georgina Johnson, Ian Hill-Smith and Chirag Bakhai (editors) 2019
616 JOHN 2019 JH    4 week loan

MRI: the basics. Fourth edition
Ray Hashman Hashemi, Christopher J Lisanti, William G Bradley  2018
616.07/548 HASH 2018 TAREE-MANNING        4 week loan

Munro Kerr's Operative Obstetrics. Thirteenth edition
Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, Michael Robson (editor) 2020
618.8 MUNR 2020 JH / TAMWORTH             4 week loan

Netter's Essential Histology: with correlated histopathology. Third edition
William K. Ovalle and Patrick C. Nahirney   2021
611.018 NETT 2021 TAMWORTH          4 week loan

Neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's Disease: the role of diabetes, genetics, hormones and lifestyle
Ralph N Martins, et al 2019
616.8047 MART TAREE-MANNING                4 week loan

Neuropsychology for Occupational Therapists: cognition in occupational performance. Fourth edition
Linda Maskill, Stephanie Tempest (editors) 2017
616.80475 MASK 2017 JH       4 week loan

Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases. Third edition, updated and expanded
George Laskaris 2020
616.31 LASK 2020 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Point of Care Ultrasound made Easy
John McCafferty, James M. Forsyth (editors) 2020
616.07543 MCCA 2020 TAMWORTH     4 week loan

Prevention and Control of Infections in Hospitals: practice and theory
Bjørg Marit Andersen 2019
616.9041 ANDE 2019 TAMWORTH   2 volumes        4 week loan

Rad Tech's Guide to MRI : basic physics, instrumentation, and quality control. Second edition
William H. Faulkner, Jr 2020
616.07548 RAD TAREE-MANNING          4 week loan

Student Guide to the Newborn Infant Physical Examination
Tracey Jones (editor) 2020
618.9201 JONE 2020 TAMWORTH        4 week loan

Textbook of Diabetes. Fifth edition
Richard I.G. Holt, Clive S. Cockram, Allan Flyvbjerg, Barry J. Goldstein (editors)
616.462 HOLT 2017 TAREE-MANNING      4 week loan

Textbook of Rapid Response Systems: concepts and implementation. Second revised edition
Michael A DeVita, Hen Hillman et al   2017
616.025 DEVI 2017 TAREE-MANNING     4 week loan

Transcultural Caring Dynamics in Nursing and Health Care. Second edition
Marilyn A Ray 2018
610.73 RAY 2018 TAREE-MANNING          4 week loan

Understanding Epilepsy: a study guide for the boards
Vibhangini S Wasade, Marianna V Spanaki (editors) 2020
616.853 WASA JH                      4 week loan

Wiley Handbook on the Aging Mind and Brain. First edition
Matthew Rizzo, Steven Anderson, Bernd Fritzsch (editors) 2018
612.6723 RIZZ 2018 ARMIDALE       4 week loan

Yamada's Handbook of Gastroenterology. Fourth edition
John M Inadomi, Tadataka Yamada, Renuka Bhattacharya, et al  2020
616.33 YAMA 2020 JH    4 week loan

Yao & Artusio's Anesthesiology : problem-oriented patient management. Ninth edition
Fun-Sun F. Yao, Hugh C. Hemmings, Jr., Vinod Malhotra, Jill Fong (editors) 2021
617.960076 YAO 2021 TAMWORTH       4 week loan



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