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Risk of caesarean delivery 12 percent lower with labour induction.
Medical futility: Mayo Clinic physicians answer 10 common questions on medical futility
Early goal directed therapy does not improve outcomes in septic shock
Findings question benefits and risks of influenza antivirals
Many elderly take medications that work against each other

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Fruit and vegetable consumption inversely associated with risk of stroke
No evidence DHA during pregnancy improves cognitive outcomes for children
Expert committee redefines treatment thresholds for hypertension
Overuse of blood transfusions increases infection risk.
Vitamin D pills unnecessary for healthy older people

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Quality & Scientific Program
21 August 2014
...provides an opportunity for staff from across HNE Health to learn from eminent clinical and academic experts in the fields of clinical governance, quality and safety, and clinic and professional practice. The Theme for 2014 was ‘Health Law, Ethics and Equity: What is the Connection?’ Recorded presentations are available here.
Clinical ethics forum
30 July 2014
An initiative of Clinical Governance, the first of these forums focused on current ethical challenges in healthcare distribution & practice. Access to recordings of these sessions is available here.
2nd Clinical Ethics Forum
12 November 2014
Topics: Hooked: Ethics, Medicine & Big Pharma and Why do Drs order so many tests? are available here

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