Grand rounds survey

I would attend JHH Adult Medicine Grand Rounds if

Duration was shorter (e.g. half hour session)?
Location was different (e.g. RNC instead of JHH)?
Sessions were held at a different time of day (what day, what time)?
What day? What time?
Frequency was different (e.g. fortnightly, monthly)?
How frequently should sessions be held?
CME/CPD points for attendance were easier to claim?
I could suggest topics for future grand rounds?
Food was provided?
The grand rounds presentation was followed by a research/basic science session on topic of interest to presenting discipline? (Would require extending sessions to longer duration)
What type of discussions do you consider to be the most important? Please number from 1 – 5 with 1 being most important, 5 being least important
Patient stories/case based discussion
Recent and relevant evidence summaries
Management and peer practice
Research participation
Other (please specify)
If you selected other, please specify
Any other suggestions?
What I like about grand rounds is…
Grand rounds could be improved by…