2021 Mater Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Wednesday 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm, Mental Health Admin Building, Lecture Theatre, Calvary Mater

Current year 2020

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15 December 2021
War on ‘prescribed’ drugs
08 December 2021
I'm a new woman
01 December 2021
Confounders in the confounded: piecing together the aetiology of delusions
24 November 2021
The many faces of anxiety: tailoring CBT to the patient
17 November 2021
A Tale of 3 Kidneys…
03 November 2021
Malingering in a Medium Secure Mental Health Unit
27 October 2021
A Squirrely Case
13 October 2021
"Please, sir, I want more” Polypharmacy-Twist or Tweak?
06 October 2021
Two sides of the same coin
29 September 2021
Better, same, worse
Catatonic challenges: when things are stretched too tight!
Masked mania or malingering?
Renal transplant and psychosis
The Fundamental Care Package
Ethical considerations in the use of the Mental Health Act
A multidisciplinary approach to physical health in Mental Health Services
A stitch in time saves nine
Eating Disorders Service Plan: Navigating ARFID diagnosis
Spotlight on the SPOT
Collaborative work with People from Refugee backgrounds
‘The Road Less Travelled’
Time and space
A tale of cannabis and psychosis
COVID, Virtual Care & the New Normal for Mental Health care
Head Over Heels: The Tale of a Few Little Bones
"To Cloz or not to Cloz?"
“I can’t stop falling for jerks!”
‘Adult ADHD Spectra’
Clozapine vs blood: the civil war
New Legislation and Court Liaison with an IED
Taboo: a case study
A new kind of supervision for teams struggling with complex patients
Methamphetamine use: clinical and diagnosis challenges