Functional Neurological Disorder
Presented 22 November 2022
Functional Neurological Disorder
FirstFrame Dr Alex Lehn
Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience Centre
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HNE Health Libraries logo Grand Rounds presentation. Lifting our game at JHH for somatic symptoms and related disorders: Updates from the JHH Somatic Symptoms Disorders Collaboration. Presented 13 October 2022
Somatisation Disorders Forum
Somatisation symptom disorders (SSD) are very common in various healthcare locations, including HNELHD, but are significantly under-reported and poorly understood. Diagnosis, communication and management for people with these disorders is typically haphazard in the hospital environment, and the costs are high to both patients and health services. A group of interested clinicans is working together to improve the situation at John Hunter Hospital and HNELHD.
 Presented 15 October 2021
FirstFrame Introduction to Somatoform and Functional Disorders
Dr Melissa Stieler
Paediatric Surgery Registrar
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FirstFrame Somatic symptoms disorders in ED
Dr Clair Spry
Emergency Medicine Fellow
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FirstFrame Functional Neurological Disorder
Dr Elizabeth Pepper
Co-Director and Senior Staff Specialist, Neurology
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FirstFrame When the pain is not in your head but the solution is not in your body
Dr Gali Lawrence
Clinical Neuropsychologist
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FirstFrame JHH Consultation Liaison Psychiatry & HETI Fellowship
Dr Matt Elton
Consultant Liaison Psychiatry
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FirstFrame Clinical coding
Ms Sharon Bowen
District Clinical Coding Manager
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FirstFrame General Discussion
lead by Professor Chris Levi
Director, John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct
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A selection of Dr Mel Stieler's publications
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TED Talks logo TEDxAdelaide - Lorimer Moseley - Why Things Hurt
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